Kyosho - FPV System with Onboard Monitor 2.4G

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KP 82724B

82724B FPV System with Onboard Monitor 2.4G

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View control from the driver’s seat for a totally new R/C driving experience.

Experience FPV (first person view) control as you fly or drive your existing R/C airplane or car with the KYOSHO ONBOARD MONITOR. This wireless camera and monitor set brings the FPV system made popular on racing drones to hobby model users. The KYOSHO ONBOARD MONITOR operates on 2.4GHz frequency utilizing FHSS that also minimizes image transmission delay, unlike most systems that operate on 5.8GHz, which can require an amateur radio license. The wireless camera incorporates a transmission unit that allows it to be installed on the fuselage (or chassis) and communicate independently with the monitor mounted on the transmitter so you can start enjoying your model’s action from first person view. The wireless camera bolts straight on to the Drone Racer and can also be installed on the MINI-Z Racer with an optional conversion connector (*1, 2) and on other R/C models with a standard receiver (*3, 4). Experience a totally new vision of land, sea and air model enjoyment with the KYOSHO ONBOARD MONITOR.

*1 : Can not be installed on MINI-Z Buggy
*2 : Rear shocks need to be removed when installing on MINI-Z Racer. Not compatible with all body styles.
*3 : Requires regulator if connecting to high voltage receiver.
*4:Available for LiFe 2 cells(6.6V) as power supply if connecting to general purpose receiver.

Tip of the wireless camera can be moved ±20° for manual adjustment of camera angle. Weighing only 12g, this compact camera delivers 480x272 video resolution (130,000 pixels).

4.3 inch color LCD monitor with 480x272 pixel resolution and adjustable contrast. 5 buttons available: SNAP for still shots, REC for recording start and stop, VIEW for replaying photos and video, UP and DOWN for scrolling through the menu screen. Other features include power switch on the right side of the monitor, micro SD card slot on the left side for saving media, and AV output terminal (AV cable sold separately) for connecting to an external display.

Monitor uses the same 3.7V-1000mAh LiPo battery power source as the Drone Racer.

Attachment to fit the monitor is compatible with the Kyosho KT-231(+) and KT-331P and KT-531P transmitters. Angle can be set freely to your preference.

Monitor is equipped with camera screw (nut) so it can be attached to a standard camera tripod.

Set contents: wireless camera; monitor; attachment for KT-231P+&KT-531P, and EVA cushion tape (*1). LiPo battery for monitor, charger for LiPo battery and micro SD card are sold separately. *1 Install the cushion tape on the underside of the Drone Racer’s motor pod to minimize shocks when landing.

Wireless Camera
■External dimensions L48 x W25.5 x H13.3mm
■Weight 12g approx.
■Resolution 480 x 272 pix
■Frame rate 30fps
■Angle of view 60°
■Frequency 2.4GHz
■Power DC3.6〜6.6V
■Current 270mA
■Transmission range 60m (can vary depending on conditions)

■External dimensions L125 x W85.7 x H28mm
■Screen Size 4.3 inch TFT (480 x 272)
■Weight 150g (incl. battery)
■Battery 3.7V-1000mAh LiPo (sold separately)
■Video file format AVI
■Video output NTSC
■Media Micro SD card (sold separately)
■Power consumption 260mA