Tamiya - 60D Super Radial Tyres M-Chassis (2pcs)

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 54995

60D Super Radial Tyres M-Chassis (2pcs)

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M-Chassis drivers can get great grip in cooler conditions with these soft tires. They feature a tread pattern that contributes to their excellent grip, and are compatible with current M-Chassis wheels. The compound is most suitable for low road surface temperatures (about 8 to 25 ° C). 46-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Note: tires will exhibit fast wear if used in warmer surface conditions.

• M-Chassis 60D Super Radial Tires (Soft) x2
• Soft compound tires are at home on cooler driving surfaces.
• Tire width 25 mm, diameter approx. 60 mm