Kyosho - 1/10 Tomahawk EP Retro Kit image

Kyosho - 1/10 Tomahawk EP Retro Kit

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KYO 30615B

30615 1/10 Tomahawk EP Retro kit

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The new Tomahawk is designed based on the original Tomahawk released in the early 80s. There are some upgrades to the design to make the car better in some cases, and also to allow use of modern electronics and power systems. Like those before it, the Tomahawk has features that are compatible with the original version, which allows owners of the original cars to repair and upgrade. It's also capable of handling the added power and performance of brushless motors and Li-Po batteries. An astute observer will notice that the Tomahawk has a unique battery mount compared to the two previous releases, which allow a full size stick pack to be mounted side-to-side. Back when these cars were original available, the popular batteries were 5-cell, 6-cell hump packs, and eventually 6-cell stick packs. In terms of modern batteries, the Tomahawk will accept a full size lipo pack in the transverse mounting location, and a "shorty" pack mounted front to back, or "inline."

The unique double deck design has been improved with A6061 aluminum lower plate, to which the servo is solidly mounted with screws, where the original car had the servo mounted with two-sided tape. There's also a new FRP upper deck with molded clamp parts and new durable posts.

The gearbox housing is now a two-piece design made of die-cast aluminum. The original kit did not have a differential, but this new release will include a gear differential, and it's also compatible with the RB6 ball differential. A slipper clutch is now incorporated, which helps to manage the power of modified brushless motors. The gears are all 48-pitch, inside and out. Sintered alloy gears combine with nylon gears to provide more gearing options, smoother running, and increased durability. The transmission and the rest of the drivetrain are supported by a full set of precision ball bearings.

Satin "Chrome" plated wheels feature back insets to give the Tomahawk that unique two-tone look that caught everyone's eyes so many years ago, and today. They're mounted with soft compound rubber tires and foam inserts, officially licensed to carry the Goodyear logo. That means you no longer have to tediously paint the white lettering on the sidewalls of the tires - now it's done for you. Wheels and tires are attached to suspension that is now 6061T6 forged aluminum components instead of the less durable cast aluminum that was included in the original kit.

The arms, chassis plates, and the rails of the main chassis feature full 6061T6 aluminum construction. Countersunk hex-head machine screws are used throughout, instead of the old self-tapping and Phillips-head machine screws of the past.

The bright red anodized aluminum shocks are slightly larger in diameter than the original shocks, and they feature polished stainless shafts for much smoother, more durable shocks. As a last improvement, the suspension is wider than that of the original car. The more narrow suspension of the original car were driven by the dimensions of the full-scale cars of the day, but a slight increase in the width of this version of the Tomahawk improves stability and handling without visibly compromising the scale looks of this vintage machine.


  • Length: 15.7 in. (398mm)
  • Width: 9.3 in. (236mm)
  • Height: 5.7 in (145mm)
  • Wheelbase: 10.4 in. (263mm)
  • Track width (F/R): 7.8/7.7 in (198mm/195mm)
  • Tire Diameter (F/R): 3 in./3.3 in. (?75mm/?85mm)
  • Tire width (F/R) : 0.8 in./1.6 in. (20mm/41mm)
  • Gear Ratios: High-6.9:1 Low-8.3:1
  • Approx. Weight: 50.5 oz. (1430g)

Kit Contents:

  • Pre-assembled gear box and shocks
  • Chassis parts clear body decals
  • Hex wrench
  • Cross wrench
  • Shock tool
  • Grease and silicone oil

Required for operation:

  • 2CH TX/RX set
  • Standard size servo
  • Electronic speed controller
  • 540 size brushed or brushless motor (30T-27T brushed motor recommended for scale performance)
  • 7.2V NiMh Battery or 2S Li-Po pack (ESC needs to be compatible)
  • Charger that is compatible with your choice of battery

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