Cox - Throttle Conversion for .049 Tanked Engines image

Cox - Throttle Conversion for .049 Tanked Engines

Manufacturer: Cox Models Product Code: THROTLT

Throttle Conversion for .049 Tanked Engines

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RPM range from 6,500 to 16,000
(Engine can be shut down by throttle)
Includes throttle & back plate assembly

Permits the simultaneous use of a silencer / muffler
Will completely shut off engine if desired
Easy-to-clean design

You will have to replace the tank on your engine with an external one. 

Fly RC Magazine review

Cox .049 Engines with fuel tanks (see note above)
For non-tanked engines see our other conversion
This conversion will not work with SPI cylinder/pistons
Will not fit Space Bug, Space Bug Jr, Strato Bug

Want lowest possible RPM?  Add a Head Conversion = 4,500 to 15,000 RPM  (Test results using a 5 x 3 prop & 25% Nitro fuel)