Saito - FG-21 4C Petrol Engine with Electric Ignition image

Saito - FG-21 4C Petrol Engine with Electric Ignition

Manufacturer: Saito Product Code: SAITOFG21

FG-21 4C Petrol Engine with Electric Ignition

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  • The FG-21 runs with any good quality forecourt petrol, mixed 20:1 with oil.
  • Latest carb technology makes for easier tuning and operating.
  • 21cc displacement in a 17cc case.
  • New valve seat design.
  • New, smaller magnetic ignition system fits into tighter cowl installations.


There are a lot of advantages to going with Petrol, like cleaner operation and cheaper fuel. But Saito 4-stroke Petrol engines give modelers more; namely some of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios in their class. The new FG-21 is no exception. Based on the groundbreaking Saito FG-20, it packs 21cc's of power into a 17cc case. Accompanying the extra displacement is the latest carb technology, updated exhaust valve seats and, of course, the sweet 4-stroke sound Saito engines are famous for.


  • Bore: ΓΈ32.0mm
  • Stroke: 26.0mm
  • Stroke Volume: 20.91cc
  • Weight: Body: 690g/Muffler: 83g/Ignition System: 113g/Mount: 156g
  • Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 9,500
  • Fuel: Petrol(Gasoline): Oil = 20:1 (Volume Ratio)
  • Fuel Flow: Approx 15cc/min (at full throttle, approx 8,800 rpm) Fuel flow variess depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel with smaller (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases.
  • Recommended Prop: 15 x 8 ~ 16 x 6in
  • Static Thrust: 3~4kgf (8,800RPM)