Tamiya - 4 Speed Worm Gear Box Kit

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 72008

72008 4 Speed Worm Gear Box Kit

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The Tamiya 72008 4-Speed Worm Gearbox kit includes one brushed DC motor and all the gears and parts to build any of the four possible gear ratio configurations: 84:1, 216:1, 555.4:1, 1428.2:1 . The four gear ratio options give you the flexibility to choose the best speed and torque for your project.

Tamiya 72008 4-Speed Worm Gearbox Kit

The kit includes step-by-step illustrated instructions in both Japanese and English. A scanned copy of the instructions is available on the Pictures tab. The kit can be built with just a screwdriver, but the instructions recommend having side cutters, pliers, and a modeling knife on hand.


  • One type 260 motor. 
  • Four different gear ratios:
    • 84:1
    • 216:1
    • 555.4:1
    • 1428.2:1
  • Worm gear (locks the output shaft when the motor is not turning)
  • 4 mm round output shaft (length: 100 mm) compatible with Tamiya wheels for 4mm, round shafts and 4mm universal mounting hub.
  • Assorted cranks

Note: The Tamiya 72008 4-Speed Worm Gearbox is a kit; assembly is required.