RCNZOOM - 4.8V Ni-Mh Receiver Battery Pack 2000mah (Flat) image

RCNZOOM - 4.8V Ni-Mh Receiver Battery Pack 2000mah (Flat)

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: 4.8V2400MAHFL

4.8V Ni-Mh Receiver Battery Pack 2000mah (4 cell flat)

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This 4 cell 4.8V 2000mAh Ni-MH receiver pack offers long life in between charges and extremely long cycle life. Perfect for any model requiring a 4.8V rechargeable receiver pack.

NiMH batteries are rechargeable and are fantastic for commonly-used or high-drain devices. Many battery applications are compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries, however they are best-suited for vehicles that require large amounts of energy and are frequently used.

Low-Self-Discharge Ni-MH batteries are a new technology that prevent the battery from slowly losing it's charge over time. In fact these LSD batteries can stay charged for over a year without losing more than 30% of their charge. Normal NiMH batteries would lose nearly 100% of their charge over 12 months.
Category: Rechargeable Ni-MH
Capacity: 2000mAH
Voltage: 4.8V
Chemistry: NiMH Low Self Discharge
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 58x52x15mm
Discharge plug: Futaba style 3-pin
Cable Length: 150mm