Dubro - Kwik Switch & Charging Jack image

Dubro - Kwik Switch & Charging Jack

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-207

207 Kwik Switch & Charging Jack

Available - Ships in 2-5 Business Days

KWIK SWITCH /CHARGING JACK BY DU-BRO. Enables customer to charge RECEIVERbattery from the outside of the plane.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2-Screws (8-32x1/4") 1-Instruction Sheet 1-Switch Cap (black plastic) 1-Push Rod 1-Nylon Rod Guide (hex cap) 4x11mm 1-Quick Switch Mount/Base Plate (one of each) 1-Set Screw (8-32) 1-Allen Wrench .
FEATURES: Pre-molded black plastic (mount and base plate) Push rod is metal with black plastic cap and a (3mm) threaded end length. Universal, FITS ALL RADIO SYSTEMS