RCNZ - 320A Brushed Boat ESC 6-12V with 2A BEC

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: ESC320ABOAT

320A Brushed Boat ESC 6-12V with 2A BEC


1 - 3 Business Days

When connected with motor, it is capable of supplying up to 320 Amps (forward) or 160Amps (backward) of continuous motor current.
Its integrated Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) powers the receiver from the motor battery, with automatic cutoff of the motor power to preserve receiver power as the battery becomes depleted. It is small and powerful, which can be used for different type of boat or car.

Dimensions: 43mm x 29mm x 27mm
Working Voltage: 6 - 12V
BEC Current: 5V/2A
Internal Resistance: 0.0076m ohm
Continuous Output Current: 320A (Forward), 160A (Backward)
Cable Type: 16 AWG (Battery & Motor)
Cable Length: 140mm (Battery & Motor), 450mm (Receiver)
Input Battery Types: NiCd/ Nimh/ Li-po battery
Reversion Function
Low-Voltage, Cut Electricity Protection Function