CaDA Block - 1/8 Lamborghini Centenario Block Set 3842pcs (Lego Technic Style)

Manufacturer: CaDA Block Product Code: C61041W

1/8 Lamborghini Centenario 770-4 Block Set 3842pcs (Lego Technic Style)

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1/8 Lamborghini Centenario Block Set 3842pcs (Lego Technic Style)

Front and rear independent suspension system. Four wheels are equipped with independent suspension and springs to minimize body sway and shaking.
7-speed sequential gearbox, switch and adjust speed by gear shifter in cockpit. AWD comes with 3 differentials.  When running link simulated V12 cylinder engine.
The complete car can be divided into 14 individual module groups showing the model car designers skills.
Simulated interior design including angle adjustable seats, steering wheel, rearview mirror, paddle shifter, armrest box, centre display and luggage for front truck.

Manual control includes forward, backwards, steering with working steering wheel, bonnet open, hood open, adjustable knob to open close butterfly doors and adjustable rear wing.

Designer: Thijs de Boer
Pieces: 3842
Size: 59 x 25 x 13cm