Tamiya - Wall Hugging Mouse image

Tamiya - Wall Hugging Mouse

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 70068

70068 Wall hugging mouse
Two motors


2 - 6 Business Days

TheWall Hugging Mouse races along the wall in a zig-zag manner. When thesensor rod makes contact with the wall it activates the circuit switchwhich produces an alternating on/off sequence, turning one motor onwhile turning the other motor off. The sensor and main switches comecomplete. This is a fun and easy-tobuild kit.

How It Works

TheWall Hugging Mouse uses a simple two-motor system to scurry along thewall. When motor B is on and motor A is off, the mouse steers lefttowards the wall. When the sensor rod comes into contact with the wallit activates a micro switch that turns motor A on and motor B offcausing it to steer away from the wall. When the mouse steers away fromthe wall the sensor rod loses contact with the wall turning the microswitch off and turning motor A off and motor B back on again.

Basic Specifications

  • Motor: (2) RE-140
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Chassis: Plastic