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Tamiya - Wall Hugging Mouse

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 70068

70068 Wall hugging mouse
Two motors

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The Wall Hugging Mouse races along the wall in a zig-zag manner. When the sensor rod makes contact with the wall it activates the circuit switch which produces an alternating on/off sequence, turning one motor on while turning the other motor off. The sensor and main switches come complete. This is a fun and easy-to build kit.

How It Works

The Wall Hugging Mouse uses a simple two-motor system to scurry along the wall. When motor B is on and motor A is off, the mouse steers left towards the wall. When the sensor rod comes into contact with the wall it activates a micro switch that turns motor A on and motor B offcausing it to steer away from the wall. When the mouse steers away from the wall the sensor rod loses contact with the wall turning the micro switch off and turning motor A off and motor B back on again.

Basic Specifications


  • Motor: (2) RE-140
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Chassis: Plastic