Cox - CoxLube After Run Oil

Manufacturer: Cox Models Product Code: COXLUBE

CoxLube After Run Oil

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At the end of a flying day squeeze a few drops into an exhaust port (piston all the way down) and flip the propeller several times. For winter / long-term storage, disassemble engine and liberally coat all moving parts before reassembly.

Does not turn gummy as some solvent-based oils do
One application rustproofs and protects for years
Field-tested and recommended by experts
Gets rid of castor oil "gunk"

High-performance after-run-oil
Size: 60cc (2oz)
High-density / Long-lasting
Great for long-term storage
Reduces friction and wear at start-up
Specially formulated for maximum performance
Leak-resistant "flip" spout
Brand new Current Production item

All engines of all brands