Tamiya - Remote Control Rescue Crawler

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 70169

70169 Remote Control Rescue Crawler

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This Educational Construction Series item was inspired by real-life robots that are used to search for survivors of disasters such as earthquakes. Driven by a twin-motor gearbox, the body of the crawler is movable thanks to a crank gearbox and link arm setup, and is capable of moving over all kinds of rough terrain. The set includes everything you need to assemble and operate the crawler, even the 2-stick remote controller that allows precise control of various operations.

About the Kit
Set includes parts such as universal arm, transparent universal plate, assembly type remote controller, crank gearbox, and twin-motor gearbox. The crank gearbox is equipped with a clutch gear to prevent excessive gear wear under high loads. Remote controller and mechanism box feature clear cases to allow viewing of the mechanical parts at work.
●Length: 330mm, Width: 165mm, Weight (includes remote controller): 515g ★Alkaline batteries for remote controller sold separately.